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The terms web hosting and web server are often used interchangeably, but they are actually two different things. Web hosting is the service that provides the space and resources for websites to exist on the internet. Web servers are the computers that host websites and store the files and data associated with them.
Hosting is a service that provides space on a server for websites and files to be accessed online. It also refers to the hardware, software, and connectivity that make up the delivery infrastructure. A server is a computer system that makes resources, information, services, and programs available through a network.
Amazon Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with low-cost ways to deliver their websites and web applications.
While closely related, web hosting and domain hosting are two different services. Web hosts store content, like a website, on internet servers. Domain hosts provide domain names, which are the addresses that help visitors access website content.
Web hosting allows users to store content offsite, reducing local storage costs and the associated physical footprint. It also makes it easier to build a genuinely durable web presence, with built-in advantages like back-ups for security and support.
Hosting a website yourself requires an expensive server with a constantly-running power supply, power backups in case of outages, a static IP address (your home computer's IP is always changing or dynamic), and regular hardware maintenance.


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